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Thursday, August 26, 2010

They've Made Me Soooo Proud!

I scooted over to the Osprey nest by the bridge on CKL Road 24 this afternoon and was thrilled to see this young Osprey on the wing with a fish!! Unless it had been handed off by a parent to him mid-air (not!), he is now able to feed himself, I was extremely pleased to see him doing so well, here's a sequence of shots as he flew over me with the fish:

At the other nest closer to Kenstone Beach Road, the young one was also faring well, this was the one that had been wingercising when Ann and I were there together. He too had a fish in the nest when I first drove by, but when I returned later, he had finished eating and was chilling, the breast markings are striking:

Notice the full crop:

I observed some interesting behaviour in this next sequence, he wanted to move probably a couple of feet to the right and instead of just walking over, he did it this way:

I was exhausted watching him, but obviously he still enjoys his wingercising sessions!

He took to the skies again after all that work, notice the beautiful markings, as well as the full crop from that fish I had seen him eating:

On my way back to the cottage, I came across a "stressed" tree, right, John???

Tonight's sunset was spectacular, but alas, I enjoyed it alone, as my Osprey family by the dock did not return like they usually do, hmmmmmmmmmm, is it possible that they've already moved on??

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Alison said...

Love all the pics on this one, but the last one is my fave. I've been there!