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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast...

After dropping off the monkeydogs at their spa early this morning (they too must be coiffed for their cottage vacances), I decided to make a quick stop to see the young Wood Ducks in north Pickering. They continue to totally amaze me with their rapid colour changes as they grow up so fast, so here's what I saw this morning:

This male is already developing his distinctive red eye, white throat, partial neck-ring and chinstrap:

I had no idea about this black and white streaking until now:

...dealing with an itch:

...and eventually finding some relief:

The female Wood Duck is delectable in her own special way:

What happened next was the absolute best to observe for several minutes, as the female began to gently preen the male, I have no way of knowing if they are siblings or not as there are several families in this marsh. She is the one that makes the first move:

...but he's not so sure yet: instead he begins to preen himself:

...but resistance is futile, he totally caves:

I decided to leave them alone together, as difficult as it was, as perhaps they may be gone by the time I return back home from the cottage....

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