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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Juanita vs. City Hall???

I arrived at the cottage this morning and after settling in, did a run to the Osprey nest on CKL 24, and instead of being greeted by Ospreys, this is what I saw, the platform nest is in the centre back:

OK, I totally get that this bridge on the outskirts of Bobcaygeon has been impassable for three years now and would eventually get replaced, but in their wisdom, someone has decided that the demolition will begin on MONDAY. While this Osprey nest with three young is still active:

...don't you just love the dumpster placed at the base of the nest???

I have since hugged the nearest tree I could find and have contacted the Friends of the Osprey organization, the Ontario SPCA Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Canadian Wildlife Services, the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Lindsay Post, so that perhaps someone can help me understand why they cannot wait another month for these protected birds to MIGRATE??? It's been three years that the bridge has been out of commission, for crying out loud, what's another month, but what do I know??? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Let's see who'll be upset by this happening on Monday, baby numero uno:

Baby numero dos, on the wing:

Baby numero tres:

Two of them get into a traffic jam with their wings on the nest:

One is finally humbled in defeat:

Some random shots of the first one:

I call this one "Ossie does Elvis":

"Ossie does Quasimodo":

I will keep you posted on what happens next.


Ann Brokelman said...

Good for you Janice. We need to fight to protect our birds from people. I am really really proud of you. I hope you succeed. Call me if you need another leg on the chain. Ann

Alison said...

We want to wear 'Save the Ospreys' buttons now. But please don't lie down in front of the bulldozers!