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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I've Made Some Warbler Progress... I'm sending off my pics from the past few days piecemeal to Master John, so here goes with a Lifer for me, whooohooo!

This delightful sweetie was at CKL Road 24 by the beach at Emily Creek this morning, a Northern Parula. John and I are leaning towards it being a male due to some visible chestnut markings under the wingbars in some of the photos, but we're not sure  (TRANSLATION: if John's not sure, then I sure as heck am not sure either!)

Some of the field markings for this small, bluish warbler are the wingbars, the "arcs" around the eye, the orange lower mandible, the yellow throat and breast, and the pretty band running across the breast:

My feeding sequence for the day:

This is the photo where we can see some faint chestnut markings under the armpits wingbars. He still has a good grip on that bug:

...down the hatch, yum yum:

Another field marking is the greenish patch on the back, seen here quite well god I'm good

The raised tail is another deal-breaker I just knew it:

So one down, with tons more to go, arghhhhhhhhhhh. 

And BTW, yesterday was officially the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR, so I please ask that you cut me some slack as I continue to sift through dozens of warbler photos while melting away. The forecasted day-time high temps of 16┬║ C for the week-end cannot come soon enough, bring it on! 

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