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Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Official, I'm Now Out of Chronological Order...

Who says I need Ann around to shoot hundreds of photos?? I was at the cottage for the week-end and returned to the Bobcaygeon area early yesterday morning as a follow-up to last week's outings with Ann, only to find some abfab birds.

But first up, I have suffered no poison ivy symptoms from last Wednesday's bone-head flip-flop incident, so life is good!

So here goes with my amazing day yesterday, and Tuesday/Wednesday's updates from last week will follow shortly. My day started with a fly-by at dawn from one of the Osprey parents:

Robert left to go kayaking for a few hours, so what's a girl to do? Sneak out and get some birding in while he was gone, shhhhhhhhhhh.

"Bye bye, baby":

I arrived at the Emily Creek bridge on CR 24 shortly after 7 a.m. and was greeted by a Song Sparrow:


Yellow Warblers with young were everywhere, here's an adult:

The female Osprey with a satellite transmitter (see the thin "line" from her back) was on the nest, please follow the links below to Ann's Blog for further details, but bottom line is that this will enable researchers to know exactly where they migrate to, how exciting to see one of the two birds with this, nice score, Ann!!

Also follow the link below to Friends of the Osprey website to read more about this initiative:

But here's where it gets extremely ugly for me in the photo editing department, I heard a female (I knew it was a female by its call- yeah right) Pileated Woodpecker further along the road and managed to locate it so I pulled over and dashed out of the car, only to find myself once again in a poison ivy patch, jeeeeeeeeez.

But it was worth it, so here goes with some of the 600 + shots (and I haven't even looked at all of them yet, arghhh) taken over a half-hour period, some in sunshine, some in clouds, while she performed her morning ablutions:

And it just kept getting better, a Belted Kingfisher back by the beach near Emily Creek was feeding:

Families of Cedar Waxwings were everywhere, another Waxling below:

My missed photo opportunity, though, was the amazing sight of a feeding Common Loon way out on the lake being dive-bombed by an Osprey for its fish, unbelievable! The Loon won, despite the Osprey being totally submerged in the lake going after it, what a thrill to witness, even if I was unable to document it!!!

I therefore consoled myself with this young Hooded Merganser, thanks once again go to John for the identification, I could not determine which Merganser it was:

I was back at the cottage by 9:30 a.m. and Robert was still out paddling so I had plenty of time to download my treasures before his return.

Our three Ospreys next to our dock were back and forth all day, despite the high boat traffic on the water, this is an adult:

My local Common Loon came looking for Ann just before sunset, but only found Robert and I on the dock:

Last night's sunset from the dock, courtesy of Robert, despite suffering sunstroke after his five hour paddle!

I'll try to get the Blog back in order again later this week, but fear I may be thwarted again with some new surprises this week. Then again if I delay it long enough I can simply send you a link to Ann's Blog, maybe there's something to be said about waiting- hmmmmmmmm


Ann Brokelman said...

lol that is amazing work Janice. Your photos are just getting better and better. I have to admit I just love the shot of Robert in his kayak. That would be wonderful blown up Janice.

Keep up the good work and tell the loon I will be back - don't go anywhere.

Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) said...

Such great bird life around you! More beautiful photos!

janice.melendez said...

Thanks, Glenn- I'm fairly new to birding (as well as photography) so it's wonderful to see what's probably been right under my nose at the cottage for years that I've just never paid attention to!