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Monday, August 30, 2010

Preening Paradise

Hah, I totally sucked you in, just when you thought you were safe and in an Osprey-free zone! In fact I'm posting this sequence from this morning so I can continue my warbler and dragonfly procrastination, sorry, John!

I encountered this beautiful adult on CKL Road 24 (where else??!!) by Birch Point Marina having a marvellous time in the sunshine preening away. Did you know that birds will nibble away at their feathers not only to realign hooks and barbules, but also to rid themselves of nasty lice and mites? Well, now you do, that's their dirty, little secret!

Look how absolutely content he/she looks in these next two pics:

...and a job well done as he/she finally departs:

And speaking of departures, my Osprey family has not returned to their nest by our dock for several days now, so I suspect that they have moved on, waaaaaaaaaaaah. Although I do still see and/or hear Osprey in the area, including one of the two tagged females that did an unexpected fly-by yesterday afternoon right off our dock!

So now it's back to warbler and dragonfly hell heaven as I continue to hate love this hobby...

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Alison said...

And you DO love it, even when the ospreys are AWOL. Dragonflies are neat and we'll deal with all the other non osprey posts in the interim. Just keep doing it!