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Monday, August 30, 2010

It Sucks to be a Crayfish...

...especially if you're in the vicinity of Hooded Mergansers. I haven't seen these crustaceans since my brother and I, as nasty kids wearing our face masks, used to catch them in the lake by placing glass jars behind them underwater, then waving our hands in front of them so they swim backwards right into the jar...

The Hooded Merganser family on CKL Road 24 at Emily Creek today were lazily swimming around the beach area, except for one exuberant young one that went to town with this poor crayfish. Mergansers are diving ducks, and their long, thin, serrated bills have earned them the name "sawbills ".

Three of the five that I saw this morning:

Ok, here goes with the crayfish torture sequence:

Stop playing with your food and just EAT IT, already!

So now it's back to warbler hell heaven, it would appear that I should just shoot myself now, based on my initial two bird assessments sent off to John :-(

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