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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Presqu'ile, Rosetta, and Yardbirds

John and I decided to chase the reported Eurasian Wigeon at Presqu'ile on Thursday, but dipped on it in the end, despite reaaaally giving it our best shot.

And speaking of shots, we were pleased that it was not a hunting day in the park, as the platform we spent our time on searching for our bird would have been reserved for and no doubt occupied by hunters, grrrr. At one point out of frustration, I wondered out loud if perhaps our Target Bird had been shot the day before...........but not so, as it was reported again on Friday. When we were NOT there, how dare they, arghhhh. Other species seen, though, were Green-winged Teal, Wood Ducks, Northern Pintails, Mallards, American Black Ducks, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Mute Swans, Pied-billed Grebe, American Coots, Bufflehead, American Robins, Black-capped Chickadees, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Eastern Bluebirds.

On early Friday morning at Thickson's Woods  I tested the water-resistant properties of my nerding jacket as we listened to Jim Flaherty's (our Minister of Finance) announcement of regulatory changes that will help encourage American residents to donate real property in Canada for use in the public interest of Canadians, a very good thing!!! 

After drying off at the nearest Timmie's with the gang, I left for the hawk watch at Rosetta McLain Gardens, my first time there in a while, with the northwest winds being an encouraging sign for a good number of birds. Ann had arrived just ahead of me, so it was great to see her again after a few months, as well as to meet Frank, Walter, Carol, and others that I've heard so much about. 

The view of Lake Ontario was spectacular...

...but unfortunately, the numbers of raptors were not, and most of what we saw was quite a distance out on the lake, but we still enjoyed seeing several Red-tailed and Red-shouldered Hawks, Northern Harriers...

...a Sharpie...

...and a female House Finch:

On my way home I made a quick stop at the Cranberry Marsh Raptor Watch, just in time to see this Northern Goshawk swoop over the platform, by no means a good photo, but it was my first one ever of this species:

Dan and Charlie told me that the Pacific Loon had been spotted again back in the 'Shwa, so I dashed over there, but had no luck finding it, the winds were brutal by this time, as were the rain showers that were coming in bands off of Lake Huron.

In the end, ironically, I saw more birds species in my backyard late in the afternoon than all day, including Fox, House, and White-throated Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, Northern Cardinals, House Finches, American Goldfinches, and my first "yard bird" Pine Siskins in two years:

I ran upstairs to hang out the bathroom window for the second time this week to check out the flock of Waxwings feeding in our junipers, all Cedar, no Bohemians yet:

And speaking of yard birds, I have now been given clearance to release the names of both the perp and vic from Monday's brutal attack in my backyard:

The vic has been confirmed as a female House Sparrow, may she rest in pieces peace.

The perp has been confirmed as a Sharp-shinned Hawk, thanks to both John and Geoff, phew, that was a tough one!!!

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