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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Monday

As we were both sans our hubbies for the day, I arranged to go biking with Laura today, something I haven't done in probably twenty years, yikes! But I survived the few hours we were out on the trails together without humiliating myself, although my vice grip on the handle bars has probably left an imprint on the borrowed bike, sorry, Laura! I no doubt will also become re-acquainted with other assorted muscle groups that have not been put to use in a while!

The day began with this pastel sunrise at the cottage:

We began our trek on the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail in Omemee, heading east for starters:

The fall scenery was spectacular as the day ended up being brighter
than forecasted:

Laura's relaxing on Doube's Trestle Bridge...

...whereas I hang on for dear life with my rubber legs, trying to look relaxed and competent as if...

More views from the bridge:

We turned around just past this sign, but you can see why I enjoyed the trail so much, if you look in the background- it's straight and  flat.

On the return trip I even began to recognize sections of the trail that Brenda and I had hiked a few weeks ago, too, as I was starting to get more comfortable with the bike and able to enjoy the scenery...

Back in Omemee we visited the beach in town, then returned to the trail for more punishment and headed west, which had more farmland:

By my rough calculations, Laura and I biked twenty-two kilometres in the end, so we celebrated by having a lo-cal, fat-free lunch in Bobcaygeon, then returned home.

As I could still feel my legs at this point, though, I checked out some of my local birding haunts with no luck, but on my way home right at the foot of Pleasant Point Road, several dozen Cedar Waxwings caught my eye, I almost drove off the road with joy for seeing a BIRD, let alone more than one!!! Adults and juveniles were enjoying a feeding frenzy in a juniper bush full of berries, so humour me please, with several photos of the mob:

A first winter White-crowned Sparrow jumped into the fray... did an American Robin (yup, that's how desperate I am, I'm now including ROBINS):

I was out of control, not even Fergie, let alone a home-owner who came outside to see what I was up to could deter me (and no, I was not trespassing, I was on the road):

I finally had BIRDS, WHOOHOOOOO!!!!

And to wrap up the day, I attempted a feeble Happy Dance with my sore legs, as all of the cottagers had left for the season (I'm admittedly in denial that I'm one of them, but hey, I'm still heeeeeeeeeere!!!).

Yet another gorgeous sunset made me forget the onset of pain and suffering that no doubt will greet me tomorrow:

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