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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Follow-up to Sandhill Crane Eggs- Reifel Bird Sanctuary- May 8, 2010

One of the highlights of my unexpected birding sessions in British Columbia was this Sandhill Crane on the nest with two eggs:

Over the past several weeks I have kept in touch with Bob, a fellow photographer that I met that day to see if the eggs survived. Sadly, only one made it but is alive-and-extremely-well! The area was cordoned off by the caring staff at Reifel to protect the baby as best they could, but Bob was fortunate to be there on the day that the Crane family wandered beyond the roped-off area, I can only imagine how nuts he went with this photo opp, he tells me that he even momentarily fried his camera by taking so many shots!!

So many thanks to Bob for letting me post the following photos with his permission. I present to you the Craneling (???). And trust me, this post will make up for that last, totally lame one :-(

Yes, that is a RASPBERRY, I think this is my favourite shot so far, as the colour matches the crown of the parent!

Bob says the parents can leap eight feet in the air!

Thanks again, Bob, for sharing your amazing photos with us!

Even as I write this, he's still sifting throught his shots and sending me more- Bob, I feel your pain!!

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Ann Brokelman said...

Totally amazing photos and what a cute little baby.