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Monday, June 14, 2010

Eya-Eya-Ooooooooooooooh! Monday, June 14, 2010

Met up with Ann late-afternoon in Scarborough again at the Red-tailed Hawk nest for perhaps one of my last glimpses of these beauties as two of the three Eyas have already fledged, here's a sequence of one as it tries to figure out what exactly is to be done with these massive wings attached to its body! I have maintained the crop size in this next sequence of pics to hopefully provide a better idea of the size:

There's a foot peeking through the wing feathers in this next one, if you enlarge it:

The Warm-up's over, now it's time for some action:

I love the pristine "petticoat" feathers:

...going back to the "resting" state:

Some other random shots include Miss Piggy, the eldest, harassing one of her sibs by chewing on its tail, don't you just want to give her an eviction notice??!!

"Look at me!"


One last "petticoat" shot, this is probably they best they'll ever look:

Mom soared overhead at one point, then spent most of the time on a crane nearby:

This caused a commotion on the nest for the Eyas, who no doubt were expecting another food drop (especially Miss P), but it was not to be....but it provided me with the highlight of today's visit: a chance to see all three Eyas together on a branch, as they kept a watchful eye out for Mom off in the distance. Notice the size difference between the three of them, what a wonderful sight to see them all together like this!


Footnote to my last post: I dodged the poison ivy threat, and was unable to locate the Hounds' owner (so far...)

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