Totally captivated in 2007 by the live camera feed of the Hornby Island nesting Bald Eagles in B.C., I was drawn into birding and have never looked back. Thus begins my account of what I'm fortunate enough to discover each day and perhaps capture with my camera.

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2014 Final Year List: 255; 2015 Year List a/o June 5, 2015: 235; Life List: 327

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday April 9, 2010; Who said it doesn't snow in APRIL?

Once again, The Boys and I began our day shivering away in blustery west winds at Reesor Pond, with quick views of the visiting Snow Geese. Jean Iron's arrival added yet another opinion on the third Mystery Goose from earlier in the week, and photos have been forwarded to her for final confirmation of its identity, watch this space....

After making the mandatory warm-up stop at the nearest Timmie's, we continued on to Rotary Park, ending up in the "shelter" of Thickson's Woods, where 4 new species were added to my 2010 list. Doug and John continued their denial of the occasional snowflakes that plagued us, but seeing our first round of Marsh Marigolds in bloom warmed us up.

Despite dipping on the reported Yellow-rumped Warbler (who needs it, we already had the over-wintering one in Port Credit- hah!), we succeeded in locating the 1st Pine Warbler of the year.

And here's my first Ruby-crowned Kinglet for the year, what a show-off!

Finally got a photo of one of the several Hermit Thrushes, as well as one of the resident Great Horned Owls, thanks to the mobbing crows- the owl's glaring stare no doubt reflects his feelings about the winds and snow.

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