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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Follow-up Part Deux to Sandhill Craneling (!)- Reifel Bird Sanctuary

One of the highlights of my British Columbia visit this past spring was a nesting Sandhill Crane:

I stayed in contact with Bob, a fellow photographer from the area and learned that one of the two eggs successfully hatched and shared with you some of his excellent photos of the baby from a few months ago:

I followed up again with Bob this week and the great news is that the baby is doing very well indeed, seen below in the middle, wow!! It will take two and a half years before full adult plumage is reached:

Here are some more excellent shots of the Sandhill Cranes at Reifel from Bob, the first one is a flight shot of a young one:

An adult with some BLING on both legs...

 ...this adult is not only banded but is also fitted with a satellite transmitter on its right leg. Bob tells me that this bird wintered in Sacramento, California!

The transmitter is not unlike the ones attached to the two female Osprey from Sturgeon Lake. One of "my girls" is now calling Brazil her winter home, while my Emily Creek Beauty has been "silent" for a month now, stalled over the Caribbean, so we're all hoping for a malfunction...

Here she is back in August, the transmitter can be seen on her back:

Many thanks go to B.C. Bob for giving me permission to share his wonderful Sandhill Crane photos, thanks again, Bob, and I look forward to future updates from you!! 

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Chris McConnell said...

OMG that baby is priceless!