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Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Algonquin Run for the Fall Season

...well, not quite, as autumnal equinox doesn't happen for another couple of days. 

In fact it was more like winter yesterday when I left the cottage before 5:00 a.m. in below freezing temperatures and frost on the ground! Once it got brighter, it made for some spectacular views along the way, with mist and possibly a thin sheet of ice on this lake closer to Alqonquin??

I was the only one on the road once in the park and admittedly it was difficult to not stop everywhere along the way to enjoy the fall colours in the early morning light:

The silvery frost on the ground contrasted with the colours of the foliage:

I discovered a rather treacherous side trail along a familiar path and when I looked up almost tripped over this male Spruce Grouse. I was more surprised than he was:

I had to back up for my lens to focus:

Eventually tiring of sharing the trail with me, he flew up into a tree: 

Continuing on, I saw my first Golden-crowned Kinglets and Dark-eyed Juncos for the season NOOO and was dazzled by the beautiful landscapes... well as by the frost:

Look carefully: a slick bridge that was icy to cross:

Otters playfully fed in the lake:

A pair of Cooper's Hawks humbled a pair of chatty Pileated Woodpeckers. Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers were around, as well as a distant Great Blue Heron and some Wood Ducks, American Crows, Common Ravens, and Blue Jays. Noticeably absent, or perhaps just silent, were Boreal Chickadees, and Gray Jays. 

It was a day to soak up the landscapes, though:

Oft-overlooked Peck Lake was a dream:

Another favorite location was fabulous:

"Early" and "later" views of another favorite marsh south of Dwight, the distant fall colours were barely visible at sunrise... 

...but five hours later could be seen:

An unusual view of Algonquin: be continued

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Tim Thorington said...

Beautiful... Thanks for sharing. I'm planning to be there early on Tuesday.