Totally captivated in 2007 by the live camera feed of the Hornby Island nesting Bald Eagles in B.C., I was drawn into birding and have never looked back. Thus begins my account of what I'm fortunate enough to discover each day and perhaps capture with my camera.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goatsucker Alley

I just knew that Thursday, June 16th would be a great day when I awoke to this beautiful sunrise off the dock, one of the few that can be seen only as summer solstice approaches:


Another trip to Carden beckoned, but this time in the evening as we hoped to see some Goatsuckers like Nighthawks, Whip-poor-wills, and perhaps even a Chuck-will's widow like last year.

As I waited for John, a Brown Thrasher brought home an extremely good haul of yummy critters for the family:

Further along Wylie Road, a Northern Harrier was mobbed by several Red-winged Blackbirds. At first I thought the Harrier would leave the area, but I soon realized that in fact this was their Golden Hour game, as it went on for at least half an hour, with all of them calling and screaming at each other, what great entertainment for me!!

John and I checked out Cameron Ranch for Loggerhead Shrikes with no success, so we returned to Wylie Road at sunset...

 ...where we soon heard the familiar "boom" of Common Nighthawks as they soared over the open alvar, feeding on flying insects. Sadly, this species is declining, so it was truly wonderful to see them again, a first for me this year.

From there, we met up with Dan and Susan for some more serious goatsuckering in the area. John headed home around 10 p.m., but Susan, Dan, and I continued on for a few more hours until the rain set in, what a magical night!

Barred Owl: 1
Nighthawks: 2
Whip-poor-wills: 17
Fireflies: 100
Mosquitoes: millions
Constellations: billions and billions

Night time road trip to Carden? PRICELESS.

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Stuart Immonen said...

Amazing photos of the Harrier air batte... and 17 Whip-poor-wills? Priceless, indeed.