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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lynde Shores Antics from Last Week

Last Monday Chris and I were both independently scouting out the Durham Region area. As I dipped on the Ashburn Tundra Swans, Chris called me about some courtship action with Hooded Mergansers at Lynde Shores, so off I went, especially with the potential promise of more bird porn to add to our collection. In total I saw nine Hoodies, five males and four females:

The females didn't really have a chance as they were constantly pursued, but for the most part they remained aloof, always maintaining a poker face as to who the Lucky Guy would be:

So here's a sampling of what Chris and I enjoyed watching, voyeurs that we were:

The males raise and lower their head crest as they do this ridiculous head toss, in an attempt to prove to The Gal that looks do indeed matter ;-)  :

...she's clearly not impressed, though, despite their best moves on the dance floor:

A female Mallard was oblivious to the Hoodie action on the pond... was a Great Blue Heron that flew overhead, giving me my first photo opportunity for the season:

Thanks for the call, Chris, what an enjoyable morning it was to see!

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Daniel said...

Frisky feather action! ;-)

Lovely series of photographs as always.