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Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Regal Encounter Fit for, or rather WITH a King

I headed out this morning ahead of the forecasted rain to check for Common Loons for this year's Canadian Lakes Loon Survey and wasn't disappointed with a few special moments with other species. 

The silly Osprey pair who continues to re-build their doomed nest on a doomed tree snag is still around as one was preening at the nest:

I explored a back road that I've neglected for the past few years and found a new spot for both Bobolinks and Eastern Meadowlarks that sadly, for me, kept their distance for any photos, but this Common Yellowthroat was anything but distant:

A Song Sparrow came into the open, intrigued by the sound of my camera clicks:


But the highlight along this road was an Eastern Kingbird that, much to my surprise, spent twenty minutes with me. Here's how it normally plays out for me with these pretty flycatchers: I see one on a fence line, gently stop the car, and turn off my engine. By the time I reach for my camera they're usually gone. 

But not today:

Or perhaps it was gone?

Nope! It flew up to a perch and dramatically fanned its lacy tail feathers to balance itself when landing :

It dropped back down to the wire fence again...

...and the Kingbird flew back up to a shrub, continuing to hold court:

And off it flew again:

...dropping back down to the wire fence:

...and then back up to yet another natural perch:

This was my last view of it for the morning:

My favorite photo of this regal Kingbird was when it opted to not pursue a potential snack:   

(...and yes, I'm still here)

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