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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The "Yes, I'm still here" Post!

I've been totally overwhelmed with photo editing since my Point Pelee trip with Ann a few weeks ago (thank goodness it was a "quality-versus-quantity" trip, otherwise I'd be in worse shape!!), so am now trying to carve it all up into manageable chunks, especially since I've also been in cottage mode, so here goes!!

...and speaking of the cottage, the past few weeks up there have seen some really good birds, starting with some returning warblers. I continue to be amazed by the number of them that no doubt have been under our noses for decades, if only we had actually sought them out by following their singing as they forage in the trees! And yes, Master John, it sure is easier to identify them in the spring versus the fall!!

Besides the usual Yellow-rumped, Yellow, and Common Yellowthroats, I saw a Blackburnian, and this Chestnut-sided Warbler, a trash record shot only:

...along with these other trash record shots of a Bay-breasted Warbler...

...and a Magnolia Warbler that I desperately tried to turn into a Canada Warbler, but the distinct white wing patch and supercilium, as well as the streak pattern on the breast made it impossible:

Great-crested Flycatchers were seen and heard everywhere:

A male Blue-winged Teal at the Lindsay lagoons finally reveals its pale blue patch on the forewing!

My local Osprey pair continues to entertain us, even in the wet weather, look how bedraggled the male is:

While back in Whitby, this poor Osprey is being pursued by a gull for its catfish-of-the-day!

Our cottage pair add to their nest each day:

...and coming in for a landing at the Golden Hour:

Our first sunset for the year was truly a wicked one:

...followed by a few more spectacular ones during our first stay of the season there, does it get any better than this??

But with Spring of coruse comes the insects, and this season is particularly nasty due to the high amounts of rain we've seen this month. One morning I watched one of our Common Loons try to enjoy a peaceful morning swim on the lake, but even it was being harassed by the blackflies: 

...trying to shake off the bugs:

...but the'yre relentless little buggers (just couldn't resist, sorry):

I'm sure the insect population up there will have tripled by now, so stay tuned to see what's left of me next week so I can continue to sort through my photos to get caught up with my blog!

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